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We have released our app based on OpenStreetMap and have setup our own instance to service queries. The app is focused on college students. We geocode their home addresses as part of their profile setup to confirm it’s valid and to show markers in the right place. We are finding 10-20% of the addresses do not yet exist on the map.


205 Clay Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Checking the map directly, indeed this address does not appear to have been inserted into the db. Given that college student home addresses are sufficiently random, should we expect to see that high a fail rate? Are there really only 80-90% of residential houses mapped on OpenStreetMap or is this likely coincidental based on a small set of addresses as we ramp up?

We could add each missing address manually. But that might not scale to potentially hundreds/thousands of addresses. Any advice how best to proceed to get the map fully populated would be most appreciated.

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Jim Melvin

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