[RESOLVED] JOSM Error "ResponseCode=412" (See post 10 how to delete the 0 nodes item)

After extended redoing inner outlines around side-sharing inner areas in a complex forest relation which included long JOSM screen freezes while it was doing something, completing and validating, I was left with 1 error and 1 warning

  1. Error of empty way(1), 0 nodes.
  2. Warning (1), untagged ways (1), 0 (0 nodes)

Being unable to home into the spot since it is seemingly not occupying any, pushed forward into the save and upload cycle, which then generated the message

“Uploading to the server failed because your current dataset violates a precondition: The error message is: ResponseCode=412, Error Header= Precondition failed: “<” Way-133572 must have at least one node”>"

After reading around the web and learning more how to search for this in the loaded data set, found that 7 boundaries, the 0 node way and half dozen more lines with nodes all had this -133572 reference.

Question is, is this on the server which the boundary links suggests, or is there a way to remove this reference from the local data set prior to uploading?

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