Restrict wikimedia_commons URLs as image=* tag values?

Hi everyone,

this topic has been discussed many times, but nothing has been done, so let’s try another time in the new forum :upside_down_face:. At the moment, there are at least 82650 image=* tags having a commons url as a value (I just looked for “commons” value in taginfo, but some are tagged using the File:/Category: syntax so the value count is way higher).

Reading the wiki talk page seems like the majority of the people agree that duplicate the information in both image=* and wikimedia_commons=* isn’t the best choice. But yet the Wiki describes one of the three tagging styles as:

a Wikimedia Commons filename (formatted as File:image.jpg ) - although this is commonly tagged as wikimedia_commons=*

Even with the “although” note, using a commons file as image=* file is suggested as one of the three tagging styles by the wiki itself.

My proposal would be to discuss it again, and if the majority agrees, change the wiki to state that the image tag has to be used only when a wikimedia commons file is not available for that feature OR when the image url is a different one to the commons one.

In simple terms: no duplication.

A follow up could be an Osmose check or something similar.

What you think about it?

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