Results of the survey on membership prerequisites

668 members have completed the OSMF board’s survey on membership prerequisites. Thank you all for your time! These are the results:

Q01: Should an OSMF membership with voting rights require contributions to OSM?


Response # Percentage
Yes 499 74.70%
No 75 11.23%
N/A 94 14.07%

Q02: On how many days should a person contribute to OSM before they can become a voting OSM Foundation member?


Response # Percentage
0 (not displayed because previous answer was no) 75 11.23%
1 day (i.e. any contributions at all) 33 4.94%
7 days 49 7.34%
16 days 96 14.37%
21 days 110 16.47%
42 days 116 17.37%
3 months 108 16.17%
more 54 8.08%
N/A 27 4.04%

Q03: Would you like to share any other thoughts on the topic?

197 participants responded to this open-ended question. Among the responses, frequent topics include (in no particular order):

  • non-mapping contributions
  • ability to game the metric, vulnerability as a takeover protection mechanism
  • requests for different metrics or additional prerequisites (such as edit quality, recurring contributions, time since the first edit, counting only volunteer contributions)
  • impact on how inclusive and welcoming OSM appears and how well the interests of consumers are represented in the foundation
  • desire for some form of non-voting membership type for recurring donors
  • appreciation for the board’s initiative and support for the introduction of membership prerequisites

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