Retagging the Australian SES'es with emergency=disaster_response

Recently a new tag got approved: emergency=disaster_response
That proposal deprecated emergency=ses_station, that is currently used nearly 250x in Australia. While already some of the State Emergency Service Stations are retagged with emergency=disaster_response, especially in New South Wales and Queensland the old emergency=ses_station is still in use.

During the creation of the proposal of emergency=disaster_response it was argued that maybe not all of the SES-Stations should be tagged as emergency=disaster_response because there seem to be some stations that are to specialised. With my limited knowlege about the Australian SES’es I do not know if that is true. It was also argued against this.

Is there someone who has detailed knowlege about the Australian SES’es? I would like to know:

  1. Are there SES-facilitys that are completly different from a “normal” station? Something like a logistic warehouse, an administrative office or a school/academy to educate the members? (How) are they mapped at the moment?
  2. Do all stations of the SES’es match the definition from the wiki? (see below)
  3. What are the correct names of the 6 (?) independent Australian SES’es? For example for New South wales, it is sometimes operator="NSW State Emergency Service" and in very rare cases operator="New South Wales State Emergency Service". I can’t find an official source stating the exact name of the organisation, but the wiki suggests to not abbroviate anything if it can be spelled out. I asked a similar question about the German version of the SES, the THW, in the German forum.

My goal is to make the sata about the Australian SES’es consistent and correct. Eighter with a mass edit or with manual edits, depending on what is possible/sensfull.

emergency=disaster_response applies to a station of a non-military organisation that has the main objective to help the civil population during and after natural or anthropogenic disasters by working in the affected area but does not have firefighting or medical service as their main competence. The place is used for storing and repairing equipment (hand tools, trucks, boats, safety gear, etc…), training the members (volunteers or paid ones) and doing administrative tasks. It is the place where the members start a mission after being alerted to an incident.

Be aware that not every facility that is involved in disasters or emergency situations should be using this tag. See Emergency facilities and amenities for mapping of other emergency related objects. It is possible that there are countrys where no station fitting this tag exist.

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