Review speed limit cases in Thailand that have “mph”


After an analysis of the speed limit values in OSM, we found several regions in Thailand where the value is added using mph, e.g., maxspeed=6 mph, maxspeed=5 mph (miles per hour). According to the legislation of each country, speed is measured in km/h (kilometer per hour): Thailand (Thailand Speed Formats).
The objective is to correct/remove speed limit values that have “mph”, and ensure the value is in the default unit. We found 21 ways with the speed limit in “mph” in Thailand.

Regions we are reviewing:
Thailand: Kathu, Muang Chiang Mai, Thanyaburi, Wihan Daeng.

We will extract all the way ids from these regions and we will correct/remove wrong speed limit values that have “mph”.

For more details, here is the GitHub Ticket.

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