[RFC] Feature Proposal - Bicycle Wash


I’m excited to announce a new tagging proposal for amenity=bicycle_wash. This proposal aims to introduce a specific tag for mapping facilities dedicated to washing bicycles (bikes).

The proposal, including its rationale and detailed tagging guidelines, is now available on the OSM wiki: Proposal:Bicycle Wash

I believe this tag fills an important gap in our current tagging system by accurately representing facilities specifically designed for bicycle cleaning, distinct from general car wash services.

Your input is crucial to refining this proposal. I encourage everyone to review the proposal and share your thoughts, suggestions, and any relevant experiences. Constructive feedback on the following aspects would be particularly valuable:

  • Clarity and applicability of the proposed tag
  • Possible improvements or adjustments
  • Any concerns or potential overlaps with existing tags

Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page or directly here in the Community Forum.

Your insights will help ensure that the tag effectively meets the community’s needs and standards. Let’s work together to enhance the utility and accuracy of our map data :slight_smile:

P.S.: Feel free to contribute your photos of bicycle cleaning facilities to Wikimedia Commons: Category:Bicycle Cleaning - Wikimedia Commons

Thank you for your time and contributions!

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