[RFC] Feature Proposal - Digital Wallet Payments V2

Good day, I would like to introduce a proposal that affects the payment tagging scheme for acceptance of digital wallet applications. The proposal can be viewed on: Proposal:Digital wallet payments V2 - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Two significant differences this proposal brings are:

  1. The tag values should now correspond not just about whether a certain payment method is accepted, but also how the merchant or the point of interest accepts the payment method (e.g. by performing Contactless or scanning the merchant’s QR code).

  2. The tagging scheme requires that ALL existing digital wallet applications to be tagged according to their country of origin. e.g. payment:US:google_pay for Google Pay in the United States, payment:IN:google_pay for Google Pay in India (formerly Tez), and payment:CN:alipay for Alipay in Mainland China (to support merchants who also accepts Alipay but for Mainland China customers). More information about this requirement has been thoroughly discussed on the Rationale section of the wiki page.

Through this proposal, the author hopes that payment-specific information on POIs can be further clarified, which may also benefit users by informing how they should prepare to perform payments with
their favourite digital wallet applications.

Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

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