[RFC] Feature Proposal - Millstone

Hi, I’m Mitsjol.

I’m still pretty new to OpenStreetMap and this is my first forum post. Currently, I’m primarily focused on adding details to my hometown of Middelburg, The Netherlands.

Recently, I stumbled upon a millstone in my hometown and I wanted to add it to OSM. However, when I tried to add it to, I faced a challenge - there was no fitting tag to accurately represent it. This got me thinking. How many other millstones around the world are missing from the map simply because there isn’t a dedicated tag for them?

This proposal suggests the addition of a new tag to represent historic or decommissioned millstones found worldwide within the OpenStreetMap database: historic=millstone.

I propose this new tag because millstones are abundant in many regions, emphasizing the need to accurately represent these historical features on OpenStreetMap.

You can review the full proposal on the OpenStreetMap Wiki at the following link: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal:Millstone

Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

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