[RFC] Feature Proposal - Replace `*:signed` suffix key with `signed:*` prefix key

Hey there.

I’ve created a proposal to replace *:signed suffix key with signed:* prefix key

*:signed is used to indicate whether the tag it refers to is signed or not and is helpful for on-site verifiability of the referenced information.

It has mainly been pushed by StreetComplete for various keys and thus seen a massive increase in usage during the last years.

However, it is conceptionally problematic that it is a suffix key and not a prefix key. Please read the proposal for more information.

What’s your take? Do you have any more/better examples where the suffix key could be problematic? Or do you think it’s not worth it and it’ll be fine without the change?

Please, cross post this announcement on the tagging mailing list on my behalf by sending an email to: tagging@openstreetmap.org

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