RfC: Highway=bootprints

This is not a draft, this is a rough idea, brought about by recent discussions of what the informal key is used for. Local administrative maps that contain such have the notion of “Steigspuren” to designate the least developed area used for human traffic. I am by far not a global citizen, but maybe the concept translates well into other regions? My first stab at an English rendition I learned from talks on topics by @erutan, who is doing great work at foot_scale=* - something that I hope gets enough traction real soon now, because it is badly needed.

Long story short: How about a new value in the highway key? We are to get highway=ladder, maybe it is a good time to have more top-level tags for pedestrian infrastructure? I propose highway=bootprints.

Most import thing first: On OSM-Carto this should be rendered as an single ellipsis “…” where it connects to the path/track/road network that does not continue any further; And not rendered at all where it forms an island or only connects to like ways.

Second: some benchmarks have to be developed, so that the mapping community can decide with great dependability on where it applies. That should all be features easily read from the ground.

  • must show signs of wear, preferably by humans
  • must not be paved or otherwise recently graded

During the day I think I had some more, but now in the evening memory fails. Can you help out?

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