[RFC] Highway=pass

Discourse assistant technology immediately did remind me :slight_smile: This has come up before!

How about a base tag in the highway key, to help sharpen what highway=path can be on the ground: As of now, it just means, you can get from the start to the end somehow, on a horse, a cycle, a scooter, a moped, a motorcycle, a quad, with a pram, on foot. You might have to carry the cycle, the pram, the horse - Does not matter. Data contains paths, where even your ass (donkey) will go on strike :slight_smile:

This is too wide! As a studied postmodernist, I’d like to introduce highway=pass, this just tells consumers, that it is possible to get from start to end on foot, using hands, ropes, jumps, whatever. Might be dangerous, might be fun, might be visible on the ground, might not. Postmodern, because for lots of people, except perhaps from Greece, Britain and Iceland, when spoken aloud, pass and path will sound the same.

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