RfC: New Key foot_scale=* ("now for something a bit recreational")

This lifted from long discussion in this topic: Here rendition from top of my head, hope I am not too far off:

Key foot_scale values:

  • casual_walking : No obstacles on the ground, no need to lift legs; default on paved or alike even surfaces; a.k.a. strolling.
  • attentive_walking : Obstacles on the ground either conveniently avoided or easily stepped over, yet have to be looked out for to prevent tripping.
  • surefooted_walking : The ground itself becomes the obstacle, need to lift legs high, placing feet on uneven surface wants skill and care.
  • impeded_walking : Roughness and unevenness of the ground additionally call for casual use of hands on rock, on vegetation, etc. to aid balance.
  • not_walkable : For the sake of this scale, not traversable in a manner that can be considered walking; alternatively crawling, scrambling, climbing come to mind. Wading/swimming through deep mud was mentioned below.

Personal observations:

The wording makes ascending or descending stairs calling for attentive_walking. I’d be fine with that.

Further risks like spraining an ankle can be lessened with appropriate footwear. For the sake of this scale, casual footwear is considered the base.

Progession of the scale seems to make a jump between attentive and surefooted, an in-between value might help.


This is intended to get mostly tagged on paths. The use of path is so broad and depends so much on evaluation of attributes of which there are many - so lets create another one :slight_smile:

Perhaps a smart consumer can condense a mix of existing keys like surface, smoothness, hazard, obstacle, sac_scale, mtb_difficulty, etc. into the values suggested here. For most purposes this attribute can do more in less: obstacle=rocks e.g. cannot set apart attentive_walking from surefooted_walking. All the while, other keys are not precluded by this one.

Relation to sac_scale:

There is overlap. foot_scale and sac_scale can be applied together, they do not compete. Main selling point though: foot_scale does not need mountains or Alps. So chances are, it might prove useful and find application after all.

Please share thoughts and ideas!

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