RfC Part 3: foot_scale=* (aims to describe global paths in a more helpful and informative scale than SAC)


The current sac_scale has… issues. The value names are too specific (people tag easy trails in the alpine as alpine_hiking, mountain_hiking can easily occur outside of mountains) and it’s geared towards mountaineers vs normal hikers and recreational walkers (half the values involve some form of climbing). Outside of some European countries it’s not well known at all, so there’s not any real value from adopting it globally (it can and still should be used in those places alongside this scale) and it doesn’t attempt to cover non Alps concerns.

Take 1 is here: RFC: hiking_technique key (or a better name!) to describe movement on paths by hikers and then grew too long for people to catch up on.

Take 2 went in a different direction (more of a walking_scale) but had some great insight: RfC: New Key foot_scale=* ("now for something a bit recreational") - #108 by Hungerburg

This take 3 merges the two while keeping more to the spirit of the first and is fairly well finalized. I’ll toss it up on a wiki soon (hopefully) with example photos.

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