RFC: Sport=Mountaineering

I like to hike. Openstreetmap has the most complete coverage of hiking paths, that I am aware of. I use openstreetmap data through a smartphone app much like a printed map. I appreciate the richness of the data very much.

Every so often, complaints arise, that some of those trails are “extreme” and get deleted from the data therefore. I have no idea, what this means. Sometimes its said, that there is no path there at all: This hits home more closely. I very much can understand, that people have different perceptions: What is an articulated path for one, is just bare rock, scree, grass etc. for another.

Something came up in a recent issue on OSM-Carto; I just repeat here, as if it was my own: I propose, to use the combination of “sport=mountaineering” + “mountaineering=route” as a base of such “subjective” paths, where chances are, that not all agree on the subject matter. Useful combinations might be “sac_scale”, “trail_visibility”, “climbing:scale”. Where there is a path in the sense of the path proposal, “hw=path” of course can apply too.

Before I start tagging that in the area of my local knowledge, I’d like to request comments, if others can make sense of that.

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