[RFC] tagging glass recycling

I was using Street Complete and noticed there was no ‘quest’ for specifying the colour of glass which could be recycled at a recycling point.
I opened an issue - #5120 and it was highlighted that there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on how to tag this, which brought me here!

See - Search results | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

There seem to be two main ways to tag colour: recycling:glass_bottles:colour = ... or recycling:glass_green = yes etc.

There’s a second related issue of glass vs glass_bottles vs glass_jars. In my experience in the UK I have only ever seen ‘glass’ recycling with no distinction made on the ‘shape’ of the glass, bottle, jar or otherwise.

I think my preference would be to use:
recycling:glass = yes
recycling:glass_green = yes
recycling:glass_white = no
recycling:glass_brown = no

I think this is the simplest and least ambiguous of any option.
On my second point of bottles/jars etc. I would add to the above tags:
recycling:glass_bottles = yes
recycling:glass_jars = no etc.

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