Route avoidance when not wanted in BaseCamp

I did a search relating to this and the only thing I really found was back in Dec 2018. It was suggested the issue may have been do to things not quite lining up in their map. Nothing posted since then.

The issue I am running into is with routing with BaseCamp when crossing the bridge at the border between Canada and the United States, it reroutes taking over 2,000 km which would only be just over 200 km. MapSource doesn’t appear to be having the same issue, I might know why. In BaseCamp you can select avoid Highway’s in MapSource there is a slider to select a preferrence.

In checking the tags for the bridge it has for bicycle, foot and horse “no”, no mention of other vehicles which I can see.

For the Key Motor Vehicles has different permitted values including motorcycles. I have made some edits in OSM but being pretty new and not wanting to screw things up I didn’t want to make any changes that could / would vastly affect things (I’ve been reading in the General Talk section about tagging issues).

I appear to have been able to work around it by putting a couple of waypoints immediately before and after the bridge but it is a bit of a p.i.t.a. if a motorcycle=* would fix it.

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