[Route mapping] Via Francigena in Italia (Valle Padana e Toscana)

(Scusa, scriverò in inglese, il mio italiano non è molto buono.)

I have just hiked along the VF from Piacenza to Fornovo and from Massa to Lucca. In some places the route appears to have changed, sometimes a lot. The signage is pretty new in most places, so I think OSM is less recent.

I could improve parts of the relation, but I have not checked everything. Our itinerary was sometimes very different, dependant on where we could find a place to stay for a night, and sometimes because we thought we could find a better route! I also do not want to get in the way of Italian route mappers who of course know Italian mapping habits better than I do.

Would you like me to have a go and map what I have surveyed?

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