Route relation tagging inconsistencies

There seems to be some inconsistencies in how road route relations are being tagged in Indonesia. The only route relation for a national road (jalan nasional) is tagged network=ID:national, with the second part in English, but there are toll roads (jalan tol) tagged network=ID:toll as well as some that are tagged network=ID:tol in Indonesian, as on the signs. Which language does the Indonesian community prefer for network tags in Indonesia?

The OpenStreetMap Americana project currently displays route shields based on route relations in a number of countries, but in Indonesia they’re currently only plain numbers. We’d like to make them look like the hexagonal signs on the road, but to do this, we’d need to know which network values the local community prefers.

Eventually it would be great if we could show the correct route shield icons on provincial, regency, and city routes as well, but first they would need to be mapped as route relations. For a variety of reasons, we wouldn’t be able to tailor the appearance of route numbers to each country based on ref tags on ways alone. But if there’s agreement on the network values and someone maps a few of these routes to start with, then we can easily add rendering support.

Thanks in advance for your help! Makasih!

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