Routing/directions not recognising pathway - am I missing something?

New to OpenStreetMap editing, I’ve added an informal pathway that runs across a field and made sure that it has all access fields set to ‘yes’ and surface set to ‘unpaved’ as I read that if these fields are missing then it can be penalised by routing engines (source).

This is the link to the directions, it should run along that dotted pathway but instead it’s snapping to the main pathway at the top.

Way number: 1064467841.
From coordinates: 51.15075, -2.59975
To coordinates: 51.15134, -2.60040

I’ve tried GraphHopper, OSRM and Valhalla and they all do the same thing.

Screenshot attached:

Could anyone point me in the direction of where I might be going wrong? Should it not be an informal path?

EDIT: FWIW, I’ve looked at nearby paths that do work with routing engines and they’ve been set to informal path. I’ve copied the same fields hoping it would behave the same way but it doesn’t appear to.

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