Routing in car free zones inside city centers

Hi Everyone,

We would like to make some adjustment to the map regarding car free zones.
To start we would like to do some changes to the city of Ghent, followed by other cities with same situation.

In Ghent city center (car free zone), all roads are tagged as vehicle:no while in reality lots of roads you can drive through if you have the correct permit. F.e.: inhabitants, delivery companies, …
More information about that can be found here: Circulatieplan Gent | Stad Gent and here regarding permits.

For this reason we think some of those roads should be changed to vehicle:permit. This will also allow us to use this data further to do better optimisations in city centers.

An example is the ‘Recollettenbrug’ which is clearly indicated with traffic signs that you need a permit to cross this zone but is currently tagged with vehicle:no. (Way: ‪Recollettenbrug‬ (‪156842343‬) | OpenStreetMap)

I already had a meeting with Seppe Santens and Pieter Vander Vennet from the community who support out thoughts and adjustment question. But off course we want everyone to be able to give his/her opinion on the matter before we move forward and do the changes.

Im looking forward to any feedback.

Kind regards
Anthony Viaene

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