Routing Issues with ignoring access tags

I like to collect the known but not fixed issues of routing engines/profiles in ignoring access tags.

Ignoring these values can happen for different reasons.

  • Software bug
  • New tagging scheme
  • Different interpretation of access tags
  • Different order of interpretation of implicit defaults and exceptions
  • Country-specific exceptions
  • Ignore common mapping errors
  • Ignore common signage errors
  • Ignore because the target group is not interested in the access bans.

Some errors may turn out to be correct, because e.g. the bike should be pushed instead of ridden. So please check the travel time. And please check the issue at different locations.

I want to collect such issues so that we can better understand them and find weaknesses in the documentation. And of cause we should try to get the real bugs fixed in the data, documentation or software. Please report new found bugs yourself!

Issues found:

GraphHopper Bicycle (I guess both is intentionally)

OSMAnd Bicylce

Komoot Bicycle Profiles

  • ignore vehicle = private (reported)

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