Salem Oregon Address Import Proposal

Salem Oregon Address Import

My fellow Americans, I am proposing to import the Salem, Oregon Primary Addresses dataset, sourced from City of Salem GIS.


This is the wiki page for my import:
This is the source dataset’s website:

(The data download is available there)

This is a file I have prepared which shows the data after it was translated to OSM schema:
Address/downtown-sample-changeset.osm · main · zyphlar / salem-import · GitLab (edited)


I have checked that this data is compatible with the ODbL.
This data is distributed under Public Domain (no copyright) as per a screenshotted email from Travis at the City of Salem GIS.


  • The dataset contains address POIs for everything in Salem and West Salem proper, excluding Kaiser, Hayesville, Middle Grove, and Four Corners. Apartments and suites are tagged separately.
  • It’s 92MB uncompressed.
  • The data has been processed via QGIS to be 24MB. We’ll then import the processed GeoJSON via JOSM.
  • Tags have been translated according to the filter/processing steps in the README.
  • Since these are just address POIs, we’re simply deleting any new conflicts (duplicate addresses) as they’re obviously unneeded.
  • I plan to either do all the work myself, or segment the work and use OSMUS Tasking Manager. It’s only one city with quite clean data, however, so DIY shouldn’t be hard.

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