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Hi All,
I am currently looking to import MS buildings + address into the Bexar county area. Currently I am trying to get a plan on how to do this so I have not written a wiki page yet. So far this is my plan:

  1. Update existing osm buildings with address points that intersect them/are the closest point to a building that has no tags (if there is a conflict manually review data for conflicting info)
  2. Import all ms buildings that do not intersect any existing osm data (areas/lines) and add addresses to them like above.

Since there is so much data I am currently working with postgis to do the updating/merging. I am using the snapshot schema in my db since it is lossless. I did see user data is missing (possible from datasource?) is this necessary to update objects on the osm side? If so what other data is needed for updating an object?

Any suggestions to how this should be done would be appreciated.


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