Search for translation German > English for a small "loader wagon" in mining

Hello @ all!

:exclamation: For finding a tag for the description of this certain type of exhibited historical mining equipment,


I am missing a meaningful and generally valid term, which I cannot find in any way.

I have therefore been looking for a “correct” translation for such “miniature wagons” for several hours. In Germany these vehicles(?) are called “Lore” or “Hunt”. Unfortunately, the fact that these words are common even in English (lore = Überlieferung, hunt = Jagd) is already a problem.

But also the many terms and paraphrases/variants used in the German language (Grubenlore, Förderwagen, Bergbauhunt, etc.) drive me to madness! :crazy_face:

Even the use of various search terms for words and images and also various translators and dictionaries have not helped, but only countless, for me not plausible suggestions, such as (in addition to the pictures shown below) “Conveyor trolley”, “Minecart”, “Railcart”, “Sledge” and so on, but no clear formulation.

(found as: Coal mine trolley)

(found as: Tipper wagon)

:question: Is there a native speaker who can give me the correct English term (or at least an umbrella term) for this?

Many thanks in advance! :pray:t2:

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