Self service petrol stations - what does it mean

Hello everyone,

I am seeking some clarification regarding self-service petrol stations. I have consulted various resources, including Wiki and its discussion page, but I still have some lingering questions.

I believe there are two primary aspects that define self-service:

  1. Whether the user is responsible for operating the petrol pump themselves or if there is assistance available.
  2. Whether payment can be made through an automated machine (or mobile app) rather than through an employee.

I have come across the following keys in use:

  • self_service=*
  • full_service=*
  • self_checkout=*
  • automated=*

From my understanding, key automated=* defines the type of pump. Historically, there were more pumps referred as automated=no, where users had to manually pump fuel into their vehicles (using muscles).

However, I am unsure about the usage of the other tags I mentioned. Could someone provide further elaboration? Is there a consensus on their meanings?

My main questions revolve around the following:

  • How can we distinguish between manned and unmanned petrol stations, especially those that rely on payment machines or payment via a mobile app?
  • How can we differentiate between petrol stations where customers operate the petrol pump themselves and those where an attendant provides assistance?

Thank you for your assistance and insights.

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