(Semi) automatic combining highway pairs. Any suggestions?

For various reasons highways in the Netherlands are split into segments but very often 2 joining segments have exactly the same tags. In many case there is no reason to have these segments split. In the last 6 months or so we’ve been combining/merging these highways manually (>85.000) using JOSM. See this map with examples (but be patient) that can be used as a WMS in JOSM. Currently I can make a selection of highway pairs that can be combined (key=C in JOSM) without any problem whatsoever. We can keep on doing this manually but this still is a lot of work so I am looking for a way to (semi) automate this. So input is a (long) list of (high)way pairs (derived from a postgis script). Is there any clever /semi automatic way to merge these pairs?

Example of a few pairs:

7436419, 7436483,
7436021, 1136248480,
7436424, 7436429,
7436274, 7436299,
7436006, 7436057,
1025984692, 1025984693,
7435801, 232961439,
7435920, 7436036,
7450227, 7450254,
7450188, 7450257,
7450258, 9087289,
858734016, 858734038,

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