Setting goals and objectives for your OSM Community

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a global project that involves a diverse community of volunteers, developers, and users who work together to create and maintain a free and open-source map of the world. When growing an OSM community, it is essential to establish clear goals and objectives that align with the mission and values of your local OSM community.

Please share your knowledge and experiences on setting goals and objectives for an OSM community, whether you need to register as an OSM community either at the regional or country level, affiliation with the OSM Foundation and what values to promote as an OSM community, by replying to these questions in the comment section. You can also share what you have set up for your community for others to learn from you.

The results of this will be discussed in a live discussion on 25th April which is part of a series of 6 Knowledge Exchange Sessions with ermerging OSM communities in the Caribbean, where a different topic will be discussed every two weeks.

  • What should be the vision and mission of an OSM Community
  • What goals and objectives can the community set to align with the vision and mission of the community?
  • What should be the values to promote as an OSM community?
  • Is there a need to register as an OSM community, either at a country or regional level?
  • What is the process for local chapter affiliation with the OSM Foundation?

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