Shadowy Supertaggers

Hi everyone,

I just noticed there’s a group of users known as “Shadowy Supertaggers” which is adding bitcoin information to OSM. I noticed some problems with it such as undocumented imports and automated edits not following the guidelines. Also it seems to me like it’s an undocumented organised editing activity. Undocumented in the OSM Wiki at least, because is documented here.
“Earn badges, sats and recognition on BTC Map for your contributions.”, this imho push users to add unverified information from here.

How should we handle this? If a revert is not a solution, I would ask you to please check for

currency:XBT + survey:date (since they are using it wrongly instead of source:date I guess)

in your local area to check if those POIs are really there (I found some in the middle of the ocean, restaurant in the middle of highways, duplicated POIs ecc.)

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