Should Emojis be used in tags? 😎

During some other QA-work I stumbled across numerous (>1500) guideposts that have a direction_*-tag with a value including emojis. Almost all of them were created by user @vmicho (99.9%) and are in Switzerland, but some are in Germany and Slovakia too.

Some of the emojis used:
:train2: :bus: :ship: :bike: :walking_man: :running_man: :church: :house_with_garden: π’€­ :green_circle: :orange_circle: :large_blue_circle: :yellow_circle: :red_circle: :grapes: :wheelchair: :fork_and_knife: :dragon: ↻ πŸ…’ :shopping_cart: :sunglasses: :evergreen_tree: :fox_face: :+1: :fallen_leaf: :cow: :mountain_cableway: :curling_stone:

Definitely the weirdest Overpass-Query I have ever created so far (regex works with emojis too!):

Not saying this is particularly good or bad, but I’m curious to hear your opinions about emojis in tags.

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