Should I try and fix offset differences?

I’ve ran into the issue that depending on when something was made or who made it they all seem to never line up quite right. I would like to fix it if possible, but I’m not sure if I’d be introducing some offset errors of my own, as GPX traces are scarce here.

For the main image source I’m using (PNOA Spain) the satellite seemed to be spot-on on top when it was taking pictures, but some buildings are misaligned, like the ones highlighted here (especially the large rectangular ones):

Other edits in the same changeset all have this same offset that none of the imagery providers have by default (even if they use different source photos the bases of buildings stay basically in the same spot).

If I try to align the imagery to the offending buildings, other features elsewhere get misaligned:

Should I just map things while leaving the general position of buildings alone or do I try to fix them as I go?

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