Should keys like maxspeed:wet be discouraged and maxspeed:conditional used instead?

I’ve been looking at speed limit tagging and have found a number of subkeys which are really sort of conditions:

(Also maxspeed:seasonal:winter, and I have a proposal to deprecate it in process)

Would it be best to advise against their use in favour of maxspeed:conditional?

I think so, as checking lots of keys, and even knowing that they exist, is more complex than using one key, both for mappers and data consumers.

An issue with children_present and flashing is that those are not conditions that navigation software could know anything about, other than maybe taking a best guess on whether or not it’s school time. But the same could be said for however they are tagged.

These tags all seem to have been only used in a few small areas, and in batches (looking at tag history) and so do not have wide acceptance or use. Also, the use of all of them started before maxspeed:conditional was established.

I have added them to the wiki page for maxspeed:conditional as possible tagging mistakes but then realised that it should probably have a discussion.

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