Should we have a `trail_surface_visibility` if `trail_visibility` formally shifts to an overall path visibility?

As per: Tag trail_visibility: Proposed Improvements for this Descriptive Tag - #117 by erutan

At this point we can have a highway=path with trail_visibility=excellent that has no visible path/trail at all because there are bright tall markers at regular short intervals. I think in that case, pointing out that there is no actual “trail” surface is worthwhile.

I see a few different approaches to this:

  1. A consensus that trailblazed:visibility (the visibility of markers along a path) significantly more important than the visibility of the surface of the trail itself, at which point this is dropped.

  2. The lack of above consensus, at which point this should be adopted given that it passed before, but due to unclear wording has changed over time.

  3. If only the overall visibility of the path matters (which it seems that trail_visibility is now poised to formally become) there should not be a trail_surface_visibility and trailblazed:visibility should be deprecated. The general trailblazed key still provides some useful metadata and seems separate of this discussion.

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