Should we re-use amenity=bear_box, or have amenity=bear_hang and amenity=bear_wire as well?

I had a similar question to What is the best way to map a bear hang in a backcountry campground? - #4 by erutan but think it’s worth following up on and tagging into a closed support post isn’t the best place to do so. :slight_smile:

What we have now is Tag:amenity=bear_box - OpenStreetMap Wiki

In the Sierra Nevada range (California USA) it’s all bear lockers.

The Olympics (Washington USA) use wire hangs with pulleys, at least at the sites I visited.

In the Canada it seems to be mostly bear poles, with some being converted to lockers. I actually sort of preferred the poles as it was easier to store gear away from Porcupines even if they were a bit more work, but people don’t latch them and then the wires get messed up.

In terms of adding onto the wiki structure - the simplest approach would to just use amenity=bear_box for all type of food hangs.

There are people that prefer one storage type over another. Adding amenity=bear_pole and amenity=bear_wire would have more granular information and probably be easier to find for people searching for a specific one. There’s also slightly different preferences - for a locker you can just toss anything in (plastic shopping bag) for a hang or pole you want to either hang your whole pack or have a dry bag etc, and carrying a carabiner can be very handy for bear wires.

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