Single address for both residence and business?

I want to add a node to a building. This building has multiple, distinct addresses within it. Specifically it is Way: 284735101 | OpenStreetMap

The problem is that the address 251-16 seems to both represent a residence on the 2nd floor and the business on the first floor. The business clearly presents this address above their entryway, and the adjacent residence also uses this address.

I am using JOSM and it is unclear to me what action I should take here.
My options seem like:

  • Make a separate node to represent the first floor restaurant, but then it would require me to duplicate the Address fields which seems like it would be frowned upon.
  • Convert the current address node into the restaurant. This seems like a decent idea because the most prominent feature is the business. Would that imply that the residence above does not exist?

I already tried reading through One feature, one OSM element - OpenStreetMap Wiki but it does not capture my use case clearly.

Any advice regarding the best practice in the situation would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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