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I’m a bit surprised by this Discourse rollout thus far. Is this still in beta mode? I was hoping some of the categories and sub-categories would be pre-filled and even locked down by the admins to foster some communication organization instead of the syntactical free-for-all I’m presently seeing.

Right, the way things are set up right now it’s not a replacement for how the Slack and mailing list are presently fostering community colloaboration. But it CAN be a replacement…with just a bit more of top-down communication design. As I’ve seen talked about many places before, more communication tools are not necessarily a good thing because it further fractures the community and is yet ANOTHER tool I have to monitor to feel engaged.

If one is a new OSM mapper, and eager to engage the community, what should they do? Presently it seems they need to join Slack, subscribe to multiple mailing lists, this Discourse, and maybe even the Discord server. Tedious. We should strive to whittle down the communication toolset. I see no reason why the whole OSM US Slack channel list and talk-us mailing lists couldn’t be recreated and redirected here with a bit more planning of the Discourse category/subcategory/tagging schema.

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