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A new mapping star is rising on the skies of Ljubljana, by the name of SloGIS.

The account has been extraordinarily active for about three weeks. Unfortunately, the mapper(s) behind the account doesn’t seem to be very experienced and so does a lot of damage during mapping. It seems very much that this is happening unknowingly, and without bad intentions. See the changesets where StefanB and myself have commented on (I’m afraid the actual number of changesets that are damaging the map is much higher than 3).

I hope the mapper will read the comments soon and change their mapping behaviour accordingly. After all, if this mapper’s energy can be used for good, I think it’ll be very valuable.

However, since the account is very active, I think we should be prepared to stop them quickly in case they don’t change their behaviour, in order to avoid widespread damage. I personally don’t have the right to revert changesets (at least, I don’t know how). Does anybody have good ideas which measures should be taken?

@SloGIS: This is not meant badly towards you. Rather on the opposite: You’re obviously trying to improve the map; I’m just trying to preserve the thing you’re trying to improve. I’m convinced that with only a little guidance your contributions will vastly improve the map. You’re, of course, very welcome to join the discussion!

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