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8 days ago I improved a very simple wetland multipolygon: an outer closed way with a water inner area. All the elements (the 2 ways and the relation) already existed, I didn’t change geometry, I didn’t change the ways, I just put back some tags on the relation.

  • at zoom 18, rendering was updated in a few minutes : Relation: 11143425 | OpenStreetMap
  • at zoom 17, rendering is still outdated 8 days after my changeset: Relation: 11143425 | OpenStreetMap
  • same thing at zoom 16 to 14
  • but rendering is ok at zoom 13, 12 and 11 (at 10 or smaller zoom the area is almost invisible on my screen so I don’t know).

Same thing with this big multipolygon:

  • at zoom 13 all is ok /relation/11979428#map=13/50.3531/44.1880
  • at zoom 14 a part is outdated /relation/11979428#map=14/50.3502/44.1449
  • worse at zoom 15 /relation/11979428#map=15/50.3431/44.1279
  • very bad at zoom 17 /relation/11979428#map=17/50.34552/44.12372 (if you move the map at this zoom you will see that the outdated part is more than half the area of the entire multipolygon)
  • but better at zoom 18 /relation/11979428#map=18/50.34547/44.12408

Why it doesn’t work at highest zooms but work at lowest zooms ? A few months ago it was the contrary, renderings at highest zooms were updated quite quickly and we needed a few days at lowest zooms to see the updated renderings: it was better in my opinion, 8 days and no rendering at zoom 17 for the first relation looks strange, no ?

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