Solved versus Accepted for Help topics

The old OSM Help software allowed the original poster of a question to “ACCEPT” an answer, whereas here on Discourse it seems that an original poster chooses to regard an answer as making the query “SOLVED”. When a thread is marked as solved, further posting is discouraged.

The use of “SOLVED” works fine for many types of problems: How do I get my osm2pgsql config to work? What tag should I use for X?" However, I think in other cases it rather misrepresents the actual discussion in a thread, unless the initial query has a quite clear answer (usually this means the query is closed rather than open). It is not unusual to have two or more good answers to a query and the old postiive/negative voting system supported this well.

I would prefer, if possible, that we revert to “ACCEPTED” or, perhaps better allow both choices as this forum is likely to have a lot more questions along technical or purely practical lines.

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