Stable only for horses?

According to the OSM Wiki building=stable should only be used to tag a building as a stable for horses. However, it seems that at least in Danish it is mostly used as as broad term covering buildings for all farm animals instead of tagging these as for example ‘sty’ for pigs and ‘cowshed’ for cows.

We are now having the discussion (started by me) in the Danish subcategory on how the stable-tag is best used but I thought maybe someone from the rest of the forum has some insight to the issue. Is there a better tag than ‘stable’ to use for a building for farm animals when one does not know exactly which type of animal it is? Or is it best to continue using ‘stable’ for other uses despite what the wiki says? (But then what does one tag a stable that actually is used by horses).

Currently the OSM-translation (in iD Editor etc.) of ‘stable’ is ‘stald’ In Danish. We have another term, ‘hestestald’, for a stable only for horses while ‘stald’ is a broad term normally used when not specifying the animal. But if we were to start using the translation ‘hestestald’ to match the OSM-wiki description of the ‘stable’ tag more closely it would probably introduce a lot of mistakes in the existing OSM since people most likely previously have used the tag in the broad sense.

Hope I described the issue clearly and I that you have some input :slightly_smiling_face:

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