State of the Map Asia 2023 Call for Review Committee

Eligibility: Only people from Asia and is part of an OSM community in Asia is eligible to join the SotM Asia 2023 Review Committee.

Hi all, we are looking for Asia community members who can help us review the bids for SotM Asia 2023!

Please comment on this thread to nominate 1-2 representatives from your community by 24 May 2023. Please take note also of the gender balance in your nominees.

Please indicate:

  • Country / community you

  • names of the 1-2 representative (with links to their OSM profile / OSM Wiki)

Please also free to ask questions, if any.
If you have question specific to the Call for Venues, please ask via State of the Map Asia 2023 Call for Venues now open!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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