State of the Map Europe 2023: want to help organize?

State of the Map Europe 2023 is looking for help! We have a small core group from OSMbe, and we are supported by TomTom event organisers for practical aspects. Right now, we’re looking for help mostly for:

  • finding and contacting sponsors
  • program committee: help decide the content of the event

We could also use a little help with these tasks:

  • help with website maintenance
  • set up call for speakers (pretalx)
  • online participation responsible
  • travel grant program (if sponsoring permits)
  • volunteer coordinator

This is a regional State of the Map for Europe, so we’re hoping for some participation from accross the continent. Of course, if you’re from outside Europe, your help is still welcome!

Interested? Simply send an e-mail to and tell us which tasks might interest you.

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