Street parking scheme, not comprehensive enough, needs :[position]:

Parking tagging on a road way.
Needs :[position]:

I posted this also on the talk page

There is no explanation/replacement in the Streetparking for the deprecated parking:lane, we used parking:lane:both=no_parking, in the key there must be, the carriageway, lane, this should be possible: parking:lane:both:restriction=no_parking, now with extra :restriction, 1 string to do the job.

How to tag this in the new method? When there is a other parking possibility.

By EU law the sign Nederlands_verkeersbord_E1.svg gives a prohibition only on the lane, carriageway, no_parking, beside the lane there could be al kinds of rules in force for parking on parking:shoulder= parking:streetside=. this lane must be expressed in the key and in the right order. So I think parking:lane could not be deprecated.

Additional example:
At the same way there could be:
a onesided E1 Nederlands_verkeersbord_E1.svg lane prohibition
over the whole way:
parking:right=lane + parking:right:restriction=no_parking
and also on parts of the way
parking:right=streetside + parking:right:orientation=parallel

we can only use once, parking:right=[position].

Also parking:right:orientation=parallel refers to the carriageway, lane, this is not right.
That is the problem, so there must be :[position]: in the key.
In the old, parking:lane and parking:streetside where active, with new scheme, there should be parking:side:position:=, parking:side:position:orientation=, if you only want to keep parking:side.


So I am forced to still use the old scheme parking:lane:left=no_parking to express a onesided sign on that side of the carriageway, where there is streetside parking.

image a left sided example

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