StreetComplite - "Is it lit?"

Lately happened to stumble upon a situation with StreetComplete where it asks for different stuff if these stuffs are lit. For an instance, is bus stop lit, is pedestrian crossing lit, is path lit and so on.
A lot of the times none of these are lit but at the same time since next to these places vehicle road is running vehicle road is lit and that light is illuminating everything else near-by, including pedestrian crossings or bus stops and so on.

How should stuff be marked as lit in such situation where vehicle road light is illuminating everything else?
Do we consider explicity and/or implicity of lightning over some feature?
For an instance pedestrian crossing over vehicle road having additional lightning for the crossing itself and at the same time the vehicle road is lit and that light is also illuminating crossing. Same with bus stop where bus stop has a shelter, the shelter has no lightning but vehicle road lights are very close and are illuminationg bus stop at least partially.

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