Streets GL — a new 3D renderer for OSM

During the last few years I’ve been working on putting up an open-source alternative to F4Map and OSMBuildings. So here it is. Streets GL is a web-based 3D map that uses OpenStreetMap data to render features such as buildings, roads, paths, trees, etc. on top of a dynamic terrain. Geometry for tiles is generated in runtime.

Compared to F4Map and OSMBuildings, this project is more focused on the visual aspect of the map. Hence, it implements some purely aesthetic features such as dynamic time of day and complex post-processing effects. As a result, it is not optimized for low-end and mobile devices. Most of the effects can be disabled in settings, though.

The tiles are pulled from public Overpass API instances, so it may take some time for them to load. You can switch between Overpass API endpoints in settings. Also, I’ve cached some areas so that they load much faster, which is (hopefully) a temporary solution to this problem.

Check it out in action:

The source code is available on GitHub (which also includes a readme with a more detailed description of the project):

Right now, I’m gathering feedback to see if it’s worth continuing to spend time improving this project. And if so, then what aspects/features should I focus on? Any kind of feedback is appreciated. To report bugs, it’s preferable to use GitHub issues.

There is also a Discord server for discussions and posting screenshots.

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