Suggest tag key value for sunshade facility(shelter_type=?)

Hi, everyone.

It is a facility designed to avoid the sun for a while from the hot summer sun in front of the crosswalk.

↑ This product with built-in IoT function receives weather information and automatically unfolds or folds.

↑ Automatically folded at night time

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I think it would be a good idea to tag this feature with ‘amenity=shelter’, so I’m asking for opinions on what would be appropriate with ‘shelter_type=’. (Suggestion by @apneunzehn74 )
The word ‘parasol’ feels too simplistic, but I think ‘awning’ is a very suitable choice depending on the usage.

(added.) @nadjita suggested ‘shelter_type=sun_shelter’, although it is not in the key value, it seems that it can be used regardless of shape or material.

I would like to hear your opinions, choose a suitable key value, and propose a formal key value.
I look forward to your positive and forward-looking comments.
(I’m sorry, but English is not my first language, so please speak as simple and concisely as possible.)

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