[Summary from Korea🌐]Transregional, translingual discussions in the Korea(한국/조선) community

I’ve written before about how the language barrier prevents English-speaking discussions from being a unified discussion in other languages, and vice versa.
In order to bring English-speaking discussions or discussions outside the Korean-speaking world into the Korean-speaking world, I have been picking out valuable discussions from the outside world and summarizing and translating them into Korean for the Korean community,
To prevent local discussions from being isolated to the region, I’m summarizing, organizing, and linking to articles from the Korea(한국/조선) community that I’d like to see widely shared.
I created this post in the hopes that the Korean-speaking discussion would go outside of the Korean-speaking community. (It also includes some non-Korean language posts, for non-Koreans who are involved in editing in the Korean Peninsula region.)
I hope you’ll take a look at the titles and get an idea of the outlines of the articles that might be of interest to you through the translations.
And, even if it’s not perfect, I’d be happy if you could join us in the discussion.
Please forgive me if there are any issues with my translation, which relied on machine translation.
Please feel free to point out any incorrect translations.
(Reverse chronological order. The top post is the most recently discussed post.)

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