Summer/Winter max speed verification


There is a user who’s made some changes to maxspeed on highways and they look very suspicious. There is one changeset which I’ve reverted, but actually all his changesets look like he didn’t know about max speed being different in summer time in Estonia and overwrote “winter” values. It seems we’ll have this problem with foreigners and have to keep a look out for it.

Many roads have the default maxspeed as the speed in the winter and then there is a condition for the summer one. The actual dates are different depending on the weather on exact year, but I think this is better than nothing. At least we have the conservative one as the default.

An example:
maxspeed:conditional=110 @ (Apr 1-Oct 31)

I would just blindly revert these changes, but some of them are on roads without conditional change and maybe they are correct.

Could someone who travels by car between cities from time to time verify them? This would require remembering if the maxspeed was different in the winter. The changes are mostly on bigger roads.

And another suspicious changeset from a different user I’ve found

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