Summit:cross=yes and separately mapped crosses

Following up on this github issue: the tag summit:cross is currently only rudimentarily documented as

Describes whether a summit cross is built on that peak. Add a summit:cross=yes to the peak natural=peak, if there is a summit cross build on that peak.

In many cases the cross itself is additionally mapped as a separate object as man_made=cross - should summit:cross=yes in this cases be considered as incorrect, duplicate entries or as different levels of abstraction, similar to bin=yes where the wiki says

bin=yes: there is a waste basket. Additionally, it may or may not be mapped as a nearby node with amenity=waste_basket.

What about cases, where man_made=cross and natural=peak + summit:cross=yes share the same node? While the position may be the same, the peak and the cross are different objects and can have different names or other attributes. Two nodes at the same position on the other hand can be irritating and difficult to work with.

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