Surface=pebblestone duplicate of surface=gravel ...?

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The tagging of unpaved surfaces of highway=* is quite messy, although @Mateusz_Konieczny has recently worked on a better documentation in regard of surface=gravel/fine_gravel.

A pair of surface values which are mere duplicates in my understanding are surface=pebblestones vs. surface=gravel.

Both terms describe the same material, natural rounded stones of a size in between 2 and some 80 mm (or more). Sample pics:



Any difference to be seen?

The difference is described on different website, for instance here as:

Gravel is more or less just like pebbles. Many people find it hard to differentiate between the two. The difference is pebbles are more attractive, well rounded, polished and with good colours whereas gravel is rather dull and irregular in shape.

As this difference is surely not relevant for road or track surfaces imho surface=pebblestones is just a duplicate to surface=gravel. Attractivity of the stones (which is not a fact but just an opinion) used for a surface construction cannot be a criterion to make a difference in the surface tag imho.

Therefore I would support to deprecate the tag surface=pebblestones in favour of surface=gravel.

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